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Our Story


Our Mission

We provide trusted and quality allied health services to help children and families thrive in life.

Girl with Teacher
Happy Mother with her Child

Our Vision

To ensure our clients feel understood and supported through our ongoing commitment towards client centricity and evidence-based practice.

Our Values


We are committed to our clients, the cornerstone of our community in which we thrive on. Our values bring our vision and mission to life by demonstrating our approach to clients.


• We thrive in dynamic and complex environments when we work as one team to achieve quality outcomes
• We aim to communicate and share knowledge, learnings, and best practices with all who support the child (e.g. medical practitioners, allied health staff, teachers, parents and carers)


• We ensure the needs of our children and families are at the heart of everything we do
• We are authentic in the way we work closely with our clients


• We acknowledge and value the diversity of children and their families
• We are committed to creating a safe space for children, and promote their individual development in communication and engagement

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